Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas in Glasgow 2012

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Every Christmas Glasgow City Centre and George Square have Christmas decorations and events throughout the Christmas period.

This year is no different and I met some friends recently to sample the atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas.

St Enoch Square

First stop was St Enoch Square where was filled with continental traders selling their goods. Many of them were selling food and drink and this was proving popular with visitors.

Mulled wine
The food being sold included crepes, hotdogs, cheese, pancakes, cakes, sweets, German and Spanish traditional dishes.

Russian Dolls

A woman had a stall selling Russian dolls and we had a look at these.They were very nice but we resisted the temptation to buy one.

Dutch Windmill in Daylight

Dutch Windmill at Night
 Dutch Windmill

At the entrance to Dutch flower stalls was a miniature Dutch windmill. This was very popular with children and adults who stopped to look at it and take photographs. Later we returned to St Enoch Square to view the windmill at night. 

The two photographs above show how objects can change when viewed at night. The night image is more spectacular that the one taken during the day.

Handmade Turkish Lamps
At around 15.30 we left St Enoch's and walked the short distance to George Square to look at the decorations there.

Skaters in George Square

Santa's Sleigh
George Square
Attraction in George Square

Royal Exchange Square

This is a spectacular sight at night with the "ceiling" covered in lights. Both the north and south sides of the square have a ceiling of lights which is great to walk under.

North Side of Royal Exchange Square

South Side of Royal Exchange Square
Buchanan Street

The street here was lined with small Christmas trees which  run from Argyle Street end to the Royal Concert Hall.

Buchanan Street

The day in Glasgow City Centre had been very enjoyable. In the next few weeks we will be travelling to Edinburgh to look at the lights there.


St Enoch's Square is situated between Glasgow Central and Argyle Street railway stations.

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