Saturday, 26 January 2013

Monte Carlo Classic Rally 2013 - Glasgow

This afternoon at 14.00 a convoy of classic cars set off from Glasgow on the non-stop 2000 mile 16th Rallye Monte Carlo Historique. It was a beautiful winter day with bright sunshine and mild temperatures. 

While the rest of the UK has experienced heavy snow, the West of Scotland has managed to avoid it.

Cars at the start beside the Doulton Fountain

The rally was first held in 1911 and different European cities of roughly equal distance from Monte Carlo in Monaco are selected for the start. Glasgow Green in the east end of the city  of Glasgow was selected as the starting point and a large crowd of people were there to witness it.

 Route of the Rally

After leaving Glasgow, the cars head for Dover and then over the French Alps, before arriving in Monte Carlo on Tuesday the 29th January. The other host cities for the rally are Barcelona, Reims and Copenhagen. 

All cars in the rally have to be of a similar model to those that took part in a Monte Carlo Rally between 1955 and 1980. If they are entered with a pre-1966 car, competitors will be allowed to select a low average speed.

Australian Entry

Australian 48-215 (FX) Holden 

The oldest car in the rally was an Australian 48-215 (FX) Holden which competed in the rally in 1953.Then it was the only Australian entry in the event and the replica above will attempt to retrace this historic journey.

Lancia Stratos Replica of Nico Alonzi and John Craig

The cars travel through Kilmarnock and Dumfries in Scotland before arriving at Dover. When the cars reach Dover they will cross the English Channel to Calais in France. 

From Calais they will drive to the start of the classification legs at Valence. Then they will take part in the famous concentration runs in the snow of the Alps arriving at the Riviera and Monte Carlo.

Triumph Roadster of Iain Foulds and Pauline Foulds

Anderson Roadster of Gordon Anderson and Nigel De Silva
 Anderson Roadster

The Anderson Special (above) has been built using parts from Volkswagen and Ford cars from the 1970's and made to look like a vintage car. Driver Gordon Anderson and co-pilot Nigel De Silva are planning to go all the way without the hood up which is a brave decision considering they will be travelling over the Alps.

Ebay Car 

The white Porsche 924 Turbo below was bought for 500 GBP on Ebay before being turned into a 1980 replica Monte Carlo Rally car. Team members Rick Pearson and Stewart Pringle managed to complete the 2012 version of the rally and will be hoping for the same result this year.

Car bought on Ebay for 500 GBP
 Origins of the Rally

The rally was created by Prince Albert I 102 years ago in an attempt to bring wealthy car owners to the famous casinos of the French Riviera. The first race was won by Frenchman Henri Rougier in a 25 horse power Turcat-Mery.

 Further Information

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