Sunday, 2 June 2013

Great Spotted Woodpecker and Mute Swan

Down at my local pond today I was fortunate to see a Great-spotted woodpecker feeding its young in a nest  situated within a tree.

The nest was inside an old tree and the Woodpecker entered the nest through a small circle in the tree. The mother was busy feeding the young in the nest and was in and out the nest continually while the youngsters were crying for more food.
Great-spotted woodpecker takes a dragonfly to feed its young
Great-spotted woodpecker takes a berry to feed its young
Leaving the nest
Taking more food
Next on the menu is a dead moth
Feeding the young
Mute Swan and Cygnets

Meanwhile a male Mute swan was taking two youngsters for a swim in the pond. The female was still sitting on the nest so some more young may be about to appear. The father was very protective of his young and they kept close beside him.

If one of the cygnets got left behind it started squealing.

Mute swan with young
Mute swan with young
On another pond the Coots were feeding their young but unfortunately were too far away to get a photograph of them through the scope.

It had been another great day.

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