Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn at Baron's Haugh, Motherwell

With Autumn fast approaching, I went to Baron's Haugh on Sunday to look for passing birds on the pond. Many birds stop over at Baron's Haugh on their migratory journey from Iceland to the Sahara Desert to avoid the cold northern winter. They return in the Spring.The weather was very warm and sunny in contrast to the previous week when it had been very cold for September.

To get to Baron's Haugh I have to walk about 3.5 miles carrying a spotting scope, tripod, binoculars, bird book and some food and drink so it also is a good form of exercise for me as well. 

I left my house at 09.30 and arrived back at the house at 19.00 having walked around the area and the adjoining Dalzell Estate. In all I walked 13 miles.

Below are some photographs from the day.
Some Cormorants, young Mute swans an some Mallards
Black-headed gulls
Canada geese at Carbarns
Two Curlew
Gadwall and Pintail Ducks
Eroded path on way to Carbarns
High walls on road to East side of the Haugh
The photograph above shows high wall on the road down to the East side of the Haugh. This was build by the Hamilton family, who owned Dalzell House and its grounds, to prevent their view from the house being spoiled by seeing workers walking to and from the mine which was situated nearby.
Autumn is a great time of year for seeing many different things.  

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