Thursday, 2 January 2014


When the Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door and asked me if I would like to live in Paradise, I replied I already had lived in Paradise. Paradise to me is a small island off the West coast of Scotland - Arran.

Arran is a 1.05 hour train journey to Ardrossan and an hour's ferry crossing to Brodick. This island is very dear to me as my ancestors came from crofting communities in the mid 18th century to find work in the heavy engineering industries in Glasgow and Motherwell.

I have been thinking of Arranas I recover from a virus. Unusually, for me I have been laid low with fever and shivering, but hopefully it will go away soon. Here are some photographs of Arran:

Beinn Nuis

Goat Fell

Looking down from Goat Fell

From Goatfell can be seen the islands of Cumbrae

The ferry home

Goatfell in the largest mountain on Arran. It is quite a hard climb but some fit people can run up the hill and back!

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