Saturday, 26 July 2014

Commonwealth Games 2014 - Triathlon Mixed Relay

The Triathlon Mixed Relay was scheduled to begin at 12.30, so I walked to Strathclyde Park in North Lanarkshire to catch some of the action.

This time I took my big Canon 300mm L lens and the 70mm to 200mm L zoom lens and the 24mm to 70mm lens. Including the monopod, the whole lot weighed a ton! 

Still Warm and Dry

The sunshine, which had been around for over a week, had disappeared but it was still quite bright, dry and warm. Strong sunshine such as had been on Thursday (Day 1 Triathlon) caused problems with shadows, as the road and paths were tree-lined and blocked the light on parts of the course.

The crowds were not as big as on Thursday, but were still substantial. There were many English people there to cheer on the English team which were favourites to win the event.
Start of lap One
The rain stayed off until the end of the cycle race and only affected the runners on the last part of the course.

The running course was much shorter that it had been on Thursday and only covered a small part of the course, which was in the restricted area. There are therefore no photographs of this. This was a pity as many spectators would have loved to have seen this.

Local triathlete, Grant Sheldon, received a lot of support from the crowd, who appreciated his efforts.

Below are some photographs of the race. More photographs of the event can be seen here.

Emma Stimpson

The event was won by team England, with Republic of South Africa second and Australia third.

All the athletes did well to compete in such a hard event and everyone was applauded as they came through the course.

Further Information:

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