Monday, 21 July 2014

Glasgow Getting Ready for the Commonwealth Games

On the way home from work this evening I went up to George Square in Glasgow to see the activities in the main square in the City. It was a lovely sunny and warm day with temperatures of 22c.

'Big G'
'Big G'

The Big G is the centrepiece in George Square at the moment as the Games are about to begin.
It is taller than a double decker bus and is 5.5m (18-feet) high and 10.2m (33.5-feet) in circumference.

It weighs four tonnes, which is the same weight as an African elephant. It is made from mild steel and aluminium frame and has been painted in the Games colours of red, green, yellow and blue. Surrounding it is a circular garden of flowers.

'Big G' with City Chambers in the background

Side view of 'Big G'

Get photos taken with Games background

Piper outside City Chambers welcoming competitors

Piper outside City Chambers welcoming competitors
Outside the City Chambers were a piper and a drummer welcoming guests to the Chambers as they arrived.
Another view of 'Big G' showing City Chambers

Buying the last of the tickets
There was also a superstore where people could buy merchandise. It was very big inside with a variety of goods for sale, including traditional Scottish goods such as Harris Tweed bags, purses and wallets, Heather honey and haggis.

On the way home,  Central Station lower level was mobbed as there was a dress rehearsal at Celtic Park for the opening ceremony. I supposed we will all have to get used to the crowds for a few days.

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