Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Busy Sunday Morning in Strathclyde Park

It was an early start this morning as I wanted to get in a round of golf on my local 9 hole course and go bird watching after it. It was very cold and there was some frost on the course at 7.00am but this soon cleared.

During the winter the course is maintained and many tees and greens are not in use. Temporary ones are used instead. This should last until about the beginning of April when the course will be back to normal.

Ice on golf trolley wheel
While on the course, the sound of music could be heard and it was obvious that there was an event on in Strathclyde Park. When the music can be heard as early in the morning as 8.00am it usually means that it is a running event.

South Lanarkshire Leisure Duathlon
After finishing the 9 holes, I was making my way home by foot, pulling my golf trolley behind me. In the Palace Grounds in Hamilton, I saw some runners and was told that it was a duathlon was in progress - South Lanarkshire Leisure Duathlon. This consisted of a 5K run, 20K bike and another 5K run.

While passing, I managed to get some photographs of the action with my phone.



After completing the first 5K run, the competitors had to collect their bikes and start on the road racing part of the event.

A competitor gets his card scanned
As the competitors left the transition area with their bikes, they had to get their cards scanned. This presumably was to help the organisers in getting the details of the competitors times during the event. The competitor above is being 'scanned' by the woman on the left.

Getting ready for the cycling
On the course
Commonwealth Games
The cycling part of the event was around the closed roads of Strathclyde Park. This was the course used last year at the Commonwealth games triathlon. This is not easy - there are quite a few small sharp hills in Strathclyde Park.

Turning point on the course
The camera phone coped reasonably well in taking the photographs but will never replace a 'proper' camera with a good lens.
All-in-all it had been an eventful morning despite it only being 10.30am.

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