Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Easter Sunday started early as I was going to a sunrise service outside Chatelherault House in Fernigair, Hamilton at 06.30. I was going with my friend Susan. I cycled over to meet Susan who was going to travel the short distance to Chatelherault on her kick scooter. It was Susan who got me into scootering and I enjoy it. Susan is very fast on her scooter as she uses it nearly every day.

It was still quite dark at 06.10 so I had brought a small silicon light for Susan to strap onto her handlebars for safety.
Sunrise Service outside Chatelherault House
As we approached the house, we could see a crowd of people has already arrived and were waiting for the service to begin. The minister who was going to conduct the service was the Rev George MacDonald of Hamilton South Parish Church. 

Even although it was early, the crowd was quite large, as many people had managed to get up early for this very important day in the Christian calendar.

The Easter Service

The service itself was a mixture of singing, praying and bible readings and was very enjoyable.

Breakfast in the Hamilton Old Parish Church

After it ended just at 07.00, Susan and I travelled back to the Old Parish Church on our preferred modes of transport for breakfast rolls. The Church members had laid on an excellent menu with rolls and sausage, marmalade or jam. We decided to have the home made jam on our rolls which was very enjoyable. This was washed down with a few cups of tea. At 08.30 we left the church to get ready for the next service.

Early in the Garden - St John's Church, Hamilton

The next service was at 09.30 in the garden of St John's Church in Hamilton which was conducted by the Rev Joanne Hood and her assistant. The theme was 'The stone had been rolled away and the grave was empty'.

There was the opportunity to rejoice in the risen Saviour and to celebrate the Last Supper with bread and wine. In the Church of Scotland the 'wine' is grape juice which is more in line with what was drunk in Jesus time.  

The sun was shining throughout the service. This added to the enjoyment of this special day.

Wooden cross with daffodils
After the short service in the garden, the members of the congregation were invited to each take a daffodil and walk into the church and place it on the cross which had been made from last year's Christmas tree.
Wooden cross and magnificent church organ
St John's Church itself is a very modern building and was only renovated a few years ago. The seats are very comfortable, unlike the hard wooden seats which many churches had years ago.

St John's Church
It had been an eventful morning and it was only 10.10. The morning church service had yet to begin at 10.45. There was still a lot of things to look forward to.

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